Homemade Meth Pipes

Are you a fan of the recently concluded multi-awarded television series the Breaking Bad? So you are most likely familiar with Jesse Pinkman’s way of life—how he uses meth pipes to smoke crack or the blue crystal meth that Mr. Walter White makes. You may probably be curious what a meth pipe is.

What is a Meth Pipe

Even before the popular series of Breaking Bad was shown, many meth users, also known as meth heads, are often coined by using meth pipes to smoke. It is a small clear pipe that is usually used to smoke different kinds of crystallized drugs such as crystal meth and crack cocaine.

Its rod portion is about � inch in diameter. It is 2 to 3 inches long, where the open end is where you are going to smoke out of. On the other hand, the “bowl” part, which is somewhat the size of a gumball, is the hollow part where there is a hole at its top part. It is where the drug is going to be placed. The bottom part of the bowl is to be heated with a lighter. The crystalized meth will melt, then will be turned into a vapor or smoke. For meth, you can use it again by letting it cool off and harden before heating it up again with your lighter.

Making Your Own Meth Pipe

It is quite simple to make your own meth pipes. Visiting the nearest electronics store, you can be able to get the materials that you will be needing for your project.

Here are the materials that you need to have:

• Blow torch with a pencil flame: it is important to have a pencil flame because you need something that is long and thin to fit in the inner part of your pipe. The peak of the flame usually has a lighter blue color.

• Light bulb: a normal sized light bulb will do. You can also use a Christmas light bulb or a golf ball-sized light bulb. But it is preferable if you get the long thin 25w bulbs.

• Tape: avoid using packaging tape or scotch tape for this project. Use a tape that will insulate from the heat that you are going to use.

• A good pair of scissors; a sharp one.

• Needle nose pliers

After getting all the materials that you need for your meth pipe making project, it is important that you also find a good place to work. Choose a room where you are comfortable to work in.


• With the use of your scissors, you have to carefully cut the end of the bulb. Do this without breaking the glass bulb.
• As soon as you have cut the metal part of your light bulb, take your needle nose pliers and break the glass rod.
• Once you have your light bulb cleared from any material, use the tape to wrap around the metal end, providing some insulation from the heat.
• Test your meth pipe with the blow torch. Set it so the flame will be about 2.5 inches long. Hold your glass up to the end point of your inner flame. The glass will turn red hot in the inner spot and bubbles will soon form. Do this continuously until the bubble pops, which will form a hole.

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